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About Us

We are inspired by creating solutions that enable our client organizations to thrive.


Prismatic’s founder Jessica Tranter identified the need for a complete safety management solution specific to large-scale organizations with a focus on municipalities, universities, and government organizations.

A mechanical engineer, Jessica was a staff member within the environmental, health and safety area of a prestigious North American university. She recognized shortfalls – and significant opportunities – in data management. More than a required software solution, Jessica saw the prospect of enhanced information gathering, integration and management to not only meet internal and regulatory requirements – but to report, support analysis and bring insight to drive positive workplace changes and reduce costs.

Together with colleagues Meghan Bartlett and Marcus Rogers, years of diligent product research, design and development began. Jessica and her co-founding partners launched Prismatic Data Solutions in 2017.

Prismatic Data Solutions strives to be a global industry leader in safety management software and form management systems.


Jessica Tranter
CEO & Co-founder

Jessica drives Prismatic’s strategic vision and leads the software development for the company. Before Prismatic, Jessica worked as programmer and Risk Management professional at the University of British Columbia, a research technician at Laser Zentrum in Hannover, Germany, and in facilities management at the National Institute for Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta. Jessica is passionate about programming, innovation, and high quality products.

Meghan Bartlett
COO & Co-Founder

Meghan leads the daily operations at Prismatic, including product development and sales. Meghan brings over 15 years of diverse sales and management experience and success to the team. Meghan is passionate about people, customer service, and efficient processes.

Em Rogers
VP Media and Marketing & Co-Founder

Em directs the media and marketing division. Em has over 20 years of experience in corporate media production including directing documentaries, television series, and feature films for international broadcasters. Em is endlessly creative, a natural leader and strives to ensure the value of media technology is fully utilized.



We are a team of remarkable, driven, forward-thinking and positive people who come to work every day because we are inspired by the challenge of creating new and innovative solutions. We are passionate about the products we design and using technology to create effective change.


Our skill set is focused on the needs of the large-scale organization. We combine innovation and imagination with technical precision. We are professionals with a commitment to our proven software solutions, exemplary support and genuine business relationships.


We believe our success story will be growing long term relationships with clients born from working together to find and maintain complete solutions for our client’s needs. We strive to make a consistent effort to exceed expectations and offer ongoing value to their organization.