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Training Management

Easy-to-use training tracking software that ensures employees and organizations are up-to-date and compliant

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Track Worker's Training Throughout Your Organization


Prismatic Data Solutions’ Training Management Module allows supervisors throughout your organization to manage their team's training requirements at their fingertips

A Complete Worker Training Tracking Solution


    Ensure required training is completed on time with automated reminders.


    Use key performance indicators to identify training gaps and improve compliance.


    Workers can view their own training profile to see the status of their training and sign-up for upcoming sessions.


    Analyze training records by group, job role, or individually to ensure worker training is up-to-date

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Training Tracking


Training Tracking

  • Training tracking, management and certificate records

  • Training and job type matrices

  • Workers and supervisors receive notifications about upcoming recertifications

  • Training course management

  • Store information about training providers

  • Supervisors can view and manage their worker's tasks, training and other assessments and tests

  • Identify training gaps with customizable statistics