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Ergonomics Management Software

Effectively manage the risks of repetitive stress and motion-related injuries.


Reduce and Eliminate Hazards and Risks


Prismatic Data Solutions' Ergonomics Management module establishes and guides regular and consistent ergonomic improvement for workers and the workplace.

A Complete Ergonomics Management Solution


    Review insightful reports using real-time statistics and data to make impactful ergonomic improvements.


    Exceed regulatory requirements through custom scheduling of all ergonomic assessments, inspections, and audits.


    One organization wide interface for effective management of all ergonomic data and action plans.


    Enhance morale while decreasing injuries, lost work time, and costs with comprehensive ergonomic evaluations.

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Ergonomic Assessments


Ergonomic Assessments

  • Areas of need can be identified and then prioritized by highest risk

  • Custom risk controls can be added when regulations or environments change

  • Industry standard formulas and equations are built-in enabling comprehensive assessments

  • Measurable data helps to quantify the benefits of your ergonomics program

  • Notifications immediately inform required people and assign compliance tasks ensuring timely completion