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Hazard Reporting Software

A comprehensive solution for managing workplace safety hazards.

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Effective Workplace Hazard Management


Prismatic Data Solutions’ Hazard Reporting module allows your organization to report and identify workplace hazards and take corrective actions.

A Complete Hazard Reporting Solution


    Report and manage the hazards present or likely to be present in the workplace.


    Complete hazard investigations with ease to prevent incidents from occurring.


    Evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions on the risk of hazards.


    Identify root-causes and implement corrective-actions using timely and accurate data.

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Hazard Reporting


Hazard Reporting

  • Report, track, and manage physical, biological, chemical, ergonomic, noise and air quality workplace hazards.

  • Conduct and submit hazard investigations

  • Identify contributing factors

  • Complete root cause investigation and analysis

  • Identify and implement corrective actions

  • Identify workplace hazard trends with customizable statistics