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Support Services

Ensure the continuing availability, performance, and effectiveness of your Prismatic solution for as long as you use it.


Dedicated To Serve Our Customers


From consultation, to implementation, to ongoing technical support, Prismatic Data Solutions’ experts are always there to aid your organization work more efficiently.

Support Guidance When You Need It


    Isolate issues, link to existing or past incidents, and perform root cause analysis to minimize disruptions.


    Built-in videos create self-solve support by outlining specific steps needed to complete an activity in each module.


    24/7 access to support and defined resolution times minimize disruptions to your organization.


    A dedicated expert with technical knowledge of your solution provides advice and proactive support.

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Support Process


Support Process

  • Built-in training videos help users retain training and have quick access to information anytime

  • A designated account representative, who will serve as the point of contact, can provide phone support

  • 24/7 user support via email

  • Specific corrective maintenance and upgrading completed at no additional cost to your subscription fee

  • Notifications communicated about latest software versions, new features and available solutions