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Incident Management Software

Take incident reporting and investigations to the next level with confidence and ease.

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Complicated Processes Turned Effortless


The intuitive design of Prismatic Data Solutions' Incident and Investigation module ensures thorough, high quality reporting through a user-friendly, integrated experience. Record and use collected comprehensive information to influence workplace safety and strategic decisions.

A Complete Incident Management Solution


    Capture and manage incidents, accidents, near misses, and illnesses in real-time through completion.


    Complete incident investigations with ease to prevent similar incidents from happening again.


    Manage all incident data, track changes, and generate reports to never miss a deadline.


    Identify root-causes and implement corrective-actions using timely and accurate data.

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Incident Reporting & Investigations


Incident Reporting & Investigations

  • Quickly and easily report incidents, accidents, injuries and near-misses including spills, property damage and vehicle incidents

  • Gather information including contributing factors and training to complete in-depth preliminary and full incident investigations

  • Complete root cause investigation and analysis with accurate real-time data and determine, assign, execute, and track corrective actions

  • Upload documents, photos, files, and other relevant information for fast, centralized access and reference

  • Receive automated notifications immediately informing required people and assigning compliance tasks ensuring timely completion